Varley Ship Repair, in Newcastle - Australia


Excellence Since 1886
Varley Ship Repair has been servicing the industrial maintenance and ship repair markets since the company's establishment in 1886.  From its association with the sail through to the skills that proved invaluable during the two World Wars, and to the repair and maintenance of today's sea carriers, Varley Ship Repair is a highly skilled and respected member of the Australian Ship Repairers Group. As Australia's largest tonnage east coast sea port and the largest capacity coal trading port in the world, the Port of Newcastle makes the ideal base for Varley Ship Repair to provide services to shipping companies from all around the globe.  With more than 100 years of continuous operation, Varley Ship Repair has amassed an immense amount of knowledge and expertise in all areas of ship maintenance and repair. On ships of varying classes, Varley has undertaken project work from routine maintenance through to major structural and engine conversions.  Varley Ship Repair draws on an enormous skill base including technical personnel, engineers (marine, design, mechanical, structural etc.) and support staff, enabling the company to carry out work in all areas of general and specialist ship repair:

  • Major Projects - Proven experience in project managing major ship refurbishments, ship conversion and engine replacement/upgrade projects.
  • Mechanical - Capable of pump and gearbox refurbishments, crane refurbishments and lift equipment testing/certification, engine services, overhauls, rebuilds and mobile in situ machining.
  • Structural - Capabilities extend from hatch straightening through to hull and superstructure repair and replacement, with the ability to replace damaged or corroded sections in any specified material grade.
  • Consultancy Services - In-house engineers with years of experience allow Varley to offer consultancy services, report generation and important pre-purchase inspections.
  • Pipe and Boiler Work - Working with copper, cupronickel, stainless steel and other exotic metals, Varley Ship Repair is skilled in all pipe and boiler work.  From boiler survey, rebuild and repair to installation, pipe repair, valve overhauls, refurbish ballast tank air pipes etc.
  • Cargo Services - Includes hold cleaning, cargo separation, cargo securing and unlashing.
  • Shipwright Capabilities - A proud tradition of shipwright skills is maintained, allowing for lifeboat servicing, internal fit out, anchor inspection, chain and rope testing etc.
  • Brows and Gangways - Extensive skills in brow or gangway manufacturing, refurbishment, on site repair and short or long term hire.  Large range available.
  • Specialised Skills - Catering for electrical and hydraulic repairs covering motor rewinds, generator fitment, hose and pipe replacements, glass replacements etc.

Today, Varley Ship Repair continues to enjoy a fine reputation for reliable and efficient service. Much of this success is owed to the company's 24 hour call out service.  Varley Ship Repair is able to quickly mobilise teams of technical supervisors, engineers and skilled trade’s people together with the necessary equipment to carry out any project at any time, even in remote locations.