Märkisches Werk GmbH, in Halver – Germany  (MWH)

Manufacturers and Repairers of Cylinder Head Components.
The production program of Messrs. Märkisches Werk GmbH consists of new cylinder head components, such as valves, exhaust valve cages, valve guides, valve seat rings, Turnomat rotators etc. and of the reconditioning of exhaust valve cages for 4-stroke engines.  One of their inventions, running for more than 20 years now with full appreciation in the market, is the Turnomat valve rotator, initially fitted in 4-stroke engines with newly designed versions for large 2-stroke units (like MAN-B&W MC series).  Looking at the future, MWH is providing complete Lifecycle Services, rebuilding large engine components such as exhaust valve spindles (Nimalike procedure), seat rings and housings.  Their decades of experience, the pioneer use of Nimonic material and the reconditioning techniques for cylinder head components and valve cages, are some of the fact, that placed Messrs. Märkisches Werk GmbH, as a high quality partner, which enjoys a global acceptance of the related market, as almost all manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel, and gas engines are amongst their customers.  It is them and their licensees who take about 70% of more than 1000 valve types and associated components which leave the production facilities in Halver and Grossbodungen - Germany every year.  As far as newbuildings equipped with aforesaid engine series are concerned, MWH can supply complete exhaust valve units undertaking the responsibility to maintain these units as long as shipping companies are interested.  The procedure followed is that a complete unit is sent to the vessel, ready to be fitted on the cylinder cover, on exchange to the one returned to the factory for maintenance.  For those of you who have already enjoyed the perfect services and the excellent quality of MWH' products on your good vessels, we would also like to bring to your attention that our possibilities of application have expanded.  It will be our pleasure to discuss with you in details the new perspectives that have now been created.