J-Mac Marine & Industrial Pty. Ltd., in Sydney Australia


Spare Parts for Main and Auxiliary Engines, for Turbochargers and for Auxiliary Machinery
Boilers and Economisers, Filters and Elements
Senior personnel in J-Mac Pty. Ltd. have been in business since 1987 and established the present company in 1992.  J-Mac Pty. Ltd. is a Marine Engineering and Consultancy firm, which provides Technical Support and Supply of equipment to the Australian, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea Shipping, Marine Towage and Land Power Generation Industries.  J-MAC Pty. Ltd. specialises in servicing all types of equipment requirements. Major areas of concern include machinery, spare parts supply, engineering repairs, maintenance and logistics. The company is Lloyds Quality Assured to 9001 2000 standard that enables a service which is not only reliable but efficient.  J-MAC also specialises in the supply of Japanese, European, UK and US made machinery and spare parts.  They supply most Australian Shipping Companies, Towage Companies, Power Generation companies and independent companies. Furthermore, they have a worldwide network, which enables them to procure any type of machinery or equipment.  This excellent and thorough network, base of authorized supply companies in Japan, Europe, UK and the US.  It enables them to offer genuine engine and machinery parts, at extremely competitive prices with realistic delivery times depending on the clients' requirements and freight needs.