Eternal Power Development Pty. Ltd., in Brisbane Australia (EPD)


Seabreeze Marine Air
Efficient Battery Powered Marine Air Conditioning
Sleep in comfort without the need of a generator set running
Seabreeze Marine Air airconditioning is manufactured by E.P.D. Industries, an associated group of companies with over 20 years experience within the Marine industry.  The Seabreeze Marine Air system was developed from the ground up to run on 24V and unlike other air conditioning systems on the market, is not an after thought solution using 24OV household/domestic air conditioning or refrigeration systems.  This product utilizes technologically advanced air conditioning components, which deliver higher efficiencies than any other air conditioning system on the market, providing a more reliable and quieter operation.  The efficiency of the Seabreeze Marine Air is made possible through seawater cooling by the use of a heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger replaces the condenser normally used in conventional air conditioning systems and this unique design allows for efficient heat transfer while minimizing the amount of seawater flow needed.  Seawater is fed through to the heat exchanger via a pump, which is integrated into the Seabreeze Marine Air condensing unit.  Since the system is battery powered, it requires no generator set during operation. This in turn gives rise to the Seabreeze Marine Air system being a cheaper alternative as compared to the running costs of a generator set.  Recharging of the battery bank, can be accomplished by the engine alternator, shore power, or any other means specified by the customer.  Seabreeze Marine Air can also be recharged whilst in operation for uninterrupted use